Abidjan Parks & Resorts

The Pride of Africa: The Largest Recreational and Amusement Park in Africa. Destined to become the most significant themed entertainment destination in Africa. The master plan provides a mix of unprecedented attractions intended to equal the variety and guest experience level of such world-renowned destinations as Dubai Parks & resorts in UAE, Disneyland Anaheim Resort and Universal Orlando Resort.

Project Description & Background

Africa is a region with many diverse wonders of the world and Cote d’Ivoire is not an exception. Today, with the tremendous economic and infrastructure development in the country, it is of high note that the country has become a hub for investors.

Cote d’Ivoire has lots of advantages over other African countries and it is with pride that that the decision to create this massive investment in Cote d’Ivoire was taken mostly because of the factors that had been extensively monitored, analysed, and proven to be a positive index.

Cote d’Ivoire today have a good security network, stable political climate, constant and dependable electricity, brilliant road networks, consistent economic indices, influx of foreign investments and most importantly peace and tranquillity to do business. The rate of crime is very low, and it is one of the fastest growing African country where the propensity for safety is 96% guaranteed.

It is with these indices that we are proud to announce the consideration for the building of Africa’s largest Recreational and Amusement Parks and Resorts in the country. The vision for this project is to position Cote d’Ivoire as a formidable global tourist destination and Africa as a region with awesome wonders in the world.

At full build out, Abidjan Parks & Resorts will include

six major gated theme parks

multiple stand-alone attractions

five international hotels

largest shopping mall in Africa

commercial and civic facilities

Public streetscapes

The central park

Artificial sea construction

The Eye of Abidjan

This will be a world-record breaking Ferry Wheel edifice at 265m height and it is planned to be sited in the heart of Abidjan, Plateau to be precise.

At the peak of this Ferry Wheel, tourists can have a scenic view as far as 200km of the spread of the country, and it will be a scenic expression to story-tell the beauty tales of Cote d’Ivoire from many different angles.

This Ferry wheel will be electrified at nights, which will redefine the beauty of the country.

The record-breaking edifice will be the pride of Africa, and the eyes of the Ivorian city.


Abidjan Recreational Park & Resorts

This project will be the first of its kind, biggest and the largest Recreational and Amusement Parks & Resorts in Africa. It is planned to span over 100 hectares of land aerial and it will include various world-record breaker ‘Theme and Water parks’ like the first-ever in the world ‘Africa Tell-Tale Theme Park’ which will be a Park that tells the narratives from Africa.

Other Theme Parks to be considered includes Universal Studios, Disneyland, Bollywood, Motiongate studios all of which have none exist in Africa.

The Park will be modelled to rival the likes of Dubai Parks & Resorts in the UAE, Disneyland in the USA, Merlin Entertainments in the UK etc.

With the construction projected to be completed within three years, the major and most challenging phase one is planned for completion by the end of 2022. This phase will include African theme park (first of its kind), Motiongate Africa; Bollywood Parks; LEGOLAND Africa; Akwaba Hotel; retail-dining and entertainment; central park and artificial sea; as well as the infrastructure and common back-of-house facilities. Cost estimation services on the project from initial concept design through construction for this project is projected to cost about $3 billion.


Motiongate Africa

Bollywood Parks Africa

This Park is the first of its kind in Africa!

The Park will consist of 5 world-class hotels, largest shopping mall in Africa, Several Continental and Intercontinental Restaurants, an active Police post, world class swimming pool, artificial deep diving and sea construction, extensive car park, 3 world-class conference halls, Indoor auditorium for exhibitions and entertainment shows etc.

The beauty of these projects is that they will immensely open the country and the region to the world and increase in multiple folds the influx of tourists thereby creating a multiplier effect on the income and revenue generation of the country, the GDP, foreign influx of investors, constant vibrancy of the informal economic sectors of the country, and continued business rejuvenation amongst the formal sector as well.

This is a project with a positive index all round for the country.

Using the UAE as an example, it is well known today that the UAE became a topmost tourist country with which her wealth is largely depended on the income from these tourist activities, understanding this will give an abstract overview of the intrinsic greatness of this project and its potential to change the fortunes of the country and the region as a whole.

This project is budgeted to cost a whopping 5, 000,000,000USD and this project is a public-private investment program, and it is also projected to generate over 1 trillion dollars over a 10 year period.

The project is on a finance, build, manage and transfer plan with the government of Cote d’Ivoire.

The government as a partner is committing its resources towards the execution of this project by offering the 100-hectare land mass and 40% financing while private investors will be adding a 60% financing.

This project holds a long term and life-long revenue for the country. This project will also be creating over 1,000,000 jobs for the formal and informal people of Cote d’Ivoire as well creating business opportunities for over another 500,000 people in the country.

The vision of this project is to make the country the pride of Africa, and an important tourist attraction hub to the world.

Upon completion of this project, we can confidently tell you that the country will be seen as the most developed country in Africa rivalling the likes of South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria and many more.